The String Archestra has been founded in 2016
to  empower Ethnic Minority Musicians  in  classical music and to remind of the composers, who have been erased from music history because of their Ethnicity  and Gender.
 "Classical music has always been composed, conducted and played by People of Color [1]. "
Daniele G. Daude, Founder  of The String Archestra


The Musicians

Sarah Martin (Konzertmeisterin)
Susanne Froelich  (Violin)

Arlena Liggins (Violin)

Tiffany E. Tan (Violin)

Danielle Wilson (Violin, Stimmführung)

Daniele G. Daude (Viola)

 Nadia J. Kabalan (Cello)

Angela S. Berg (Cello)

Alex Goodin (Double Bass)


[1] Kien Nghi Ha (2009-2013): " 'People of Color' als Diversity-Ansatz in der antirassistischen Selbstbenennungs- und Identitätspolitik" und " "People of Color" als solidarisches Bündnis".

Credits: Deborah Moses-Sanks

© 2018 by StringArchestra

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